Long Term After Care


  • Pat dry after your shower. Vigorous rubbing will exfoliate your skin and your tan will not last as long.

  • DO NOT exfoliate with loufas, body scrubs, body washes or soaps with exfoliating beads until your tan starts to fade away.

  • DO NOT use scented body washes! Non- scented/fragrance-free body washes and soaps are RECOMMENDED. SCENTED BODY WASHES AND SOAPS ARE NOT RECOMMENDED.

  • Limit the shaving of your legs, as this is also a form of exfoliating. You can still shave your legs, however we do not recommend doing it daily. We DO NOT RECOMMEND using hair removal creams, such as Nair. This will remove your spray tan!

  • The tan is not going to just disappear; you are going to notice it fading. You can start exfoliating when you notice it is starting to fade and/or in preparation for your next tan.

  • Face washes containing salicylic acid and/or benzoyl peroxide are NOT RECOMMENDED because they can eat away at your spray tan. Your face will fade faster as you wash it more frequently. We recommend using gentle cleansers - exfoliating face washes are NOT RECOMMENDED!

  • Moisturizing helps extend the life of your tan and it helps your tan to fade more evenly. We recommend using a hydrating, non-scented/fragrance-free lotion! SCENTED ARE NOT RECOMMENDED! Cocoa butter lotion is okay to use, even though it does have a scent.

  • Spray tans typically last 4-8 days, however they can last longer or shorter than this. The more you moisturize, the longer the tan can last. You can use any moisturizer, but moisturizers containing self-tanners are not recommended because they can have adverse effects. Any hydrating, non-scented/fragrance-free + alcohol-free moisturizer is recommend!

  • It is recommended to moisturize at least once a day, however twice a day is encouraged. You can start moisturizing after your first shower. NON-SCENTED/FRAGRANCE-FREE moisturizer is RECOMMENDED!

  • Always wear sunscreen when out in the sun. We also recommend mixing non-scented moisturizer with your sunscreen and putting both on at the same time each time you would normally apply your sunscreen - especially after prolonged exposure to the sun, being in the ocean or being in the pool. This will help extend the life of your spray tan.

  • Wait at least one day before going in the ocean or a pool after your tan. Chlorine may make your tan fade faster, however it is not going to remove the tan immediately.